Henry Ekechukwu

Henry Ekechukwu

Chief Strategist / C.E.O

Henry Ekechukwu is a trained communications strategist with over two decades of professional experience in media consultancy, corporate communications and sustainability programme management.

A recipient of WSIRA & JAAIDS Red Ribbon Awards, Henry has championed communication and event projects for various clients in both corporate and public sectors, including charities and high-net worth individuals with the focus on building appropriate messages conveyed through impactful channels.

As a multiple award winning journalist, documentary producer, speaker, interior designer and writer (having worked across three continents, visiting over 35 countries), he brings dynamic perspective into projects. Designing communication strategies come as second nature, with an exceptional eye for details. Henry Ekechukwu is also an interior design architect and creates some of the most memorable signature events by leading a brilliant team.

Henry Ekechukwu trained as a professional interior/space designer at The Interior Design School in London and holds M.A degree in Media Management (specialising in strategic business communication management) from University of Westminster, London, Master Class in Business Development Programme, Business School of Netherlands Nigeria, Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan, Nigeria and Member, Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in the United Kingdom.

Didi Green


Didi Green has consummate career experience in Human Resource (HR) management consultancy in the oil & gas sector before taking the leap to pursue her passion for designing and luxury management.

An enthusiast of structure and process, Didi continues to apply her incredible hunch for details, supervising various aspects of projects at HUCE VALERIS. She is a concept designer and perfectionist, especially with quipping final touches that distinguish our bespoke events.

Didi is a graduate of Geology with higher degree in HR management from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. As creative director of Mira Oma Luxury, a fashion brand that is specialised in the designing of leather accessories with whimsical edge, Ms. Green has a passion for sketching, colours and creating patterns with discerning uniqueness.

Didi Green is known for her exquisite craftsmanship that effortlessly identifies with every brief delivered.